Exhibition of Čedomir Kostović in ”Zvono”

Čedomir Kostović, graphic designer from Sarajevo, who lives in the USA, will have an exhibition ”Sarajevski triptih” which will be held on Monday, 11 March at 9 p.m. in ”Zvono”

The exhibition is inspired by history of Sarajevo in the past 100 years, which was very turbulent, and it is especially focused on the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the XIV Winter Olympic Games, and the siege of Sarajevo.

Kostović was born in 1952 in Sarajevo where he finished the Academy of Fine Arts, and since 1992 he’s been working as a professor at the Department of Art and Design at the Missouri State University.

He’s been exhibiting all over the world, and his works have been added to museum collections across the globe.

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