Exhibition of Haggadah has opened in Gallery ‘Novi Hram’

Last night, as a part of Festival ‘Sarajevo Winter’, in the gallery ‘Novi Hram’ (New Temple), an exhibition of ‘Sarajevo Haggadah’ has been opened, reports FENA.

It is the reprint edition of Haggadah, and reproduction of all pages and illustrations from this book, which talks about the Jewish history, but also about tolerance as one of the civilization values.

Exhibition, which was organized by Jewish Education, Cultural and Charity Association ‘La Benevolencija’, Publisher ‘Rabic’ – Sarajevo, was opened by ambassador of Slovakia in BiH Miroslav mojžita, president of ‘La Benevolencija’ Jakob Finci and author of the exhibition Goran Mikulić.

They noted that one the promotions of Haggadah was organized in Bratisalva in cooperation with Jewish Museum of Bratislava.

Haggadah is a book that was written in Spain 700 years ago and came to BiH in 17th century, after the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492 and 1609 Roman Inquisition.

The exhibition will be opened by 1 march, and afterwards the reprint edition will be exhibited in Metropolitan Museum in New York.

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