Exhibition of the Olympic Posters at the Café Gallery Zvono

ismar_mujezinovicThe exhibition of Olympic posters of Ismar Mujezinović will open on Saturday, the 2nd November, at the Café Gallery Zvono in Sarajevo.

The Olympic posters, except for visualization of the most important international event which was held in B&H in 1984, reveals the extraordinary creative talent and skills of the artist.

Mujezinović posters at the world’s auctions can achieve extremely high price. The author has been awarded worldwide and especially with the vocational award in Brussels.

According to the announcement, the visitors at the exhibition in “Zvono” can see a series of posters of the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo and find out how from the agreement of only two posters and sketches originated a representative collection that is now seen as an illustration of a better past.

(Source: Fena)

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