Museum of war childhood Memories will have its first Exhibition

warFrom 4th to 14th of May in Sarajevo the first exhibition of the Museum of childhood war memories will be held. The museum is unfortunately still waiting to get a permanent museum space, so the whole exhibition will be held in the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the opening is scheduled for Wednesday, May 4, at 8 o’clock.

During the exhibition a part of the collection of the Museum of childhood war will be presented, including unique personal objects and documents with stories of the people who they belonged to. The Museum will for the first time publicly display their exhibits after a whole year of collecting them.

The exhibition will also be an opportunity for citizens to bring items that marked their own childhood during wartime, and make them a part of the collection. The team who started this project will continuously be present at the exhibition when it opens, from 10 to 8 o’clock each day from the 4. till the 19th of May.

The Museum invites all interested people to visit this exhibition and learn more about this unique project. This is a place where old pieces of clothing, ceramic statues and rare improvised toys tell the most amazing story which won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The entrance is free, and the exhibition itself is also included in this year’s program of Memory modules.

(Source: radiosarajevo/ photo aljazeera)

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