Exhibition ‘White Horse: A Neglected European’ in Collegium Artisticum gallery

romaSarajevo Centre for Contemporary Arts (SCCA) in cooperation with the City gallery ‘Collegium Artisticum’ is organising an exhibition on 3 May called ‘White Horse: A Neglected European’ by art photographer Nihad Nino Pušija, reports Fena.

The prologue to exhibition will be the talk on the theme ‘Neglected Europeans: Roma culture and its values’ as a part of the program ART-BITRAŽA which was started by Collegium Artisticum gallery as one of the platforms for registering of the problem of culture, artistic and social critique and other art issues.

Photographer Pušija, author and Roma activist Hedina Tahirović Sijerčić, activist of Roma centre ‘Kali Sara’ Dervo Sejdić and art director of the gallery Kai Dikhas from Berlin Moritz Pankok will participate in the talks.

On the initiative of Pušija in 1998 Soros Centre of Contemporary Arts has organised an exhibition of research project Deldung, and he was only one of the authors.

Exhibition ‘Parno Gras: mukline Evropljanura’ was the continuation of cooperation with this author and continuation of doing other issues, especially the life of Romanies.

This exhibition dealt with the life of Roma population in Europe and their destinies, questioning their existence, social and political status in late 20 century and early 21 century in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Austria and former Yugoslavia.

In the centre of attention of Pušija’s photos is the portrait of Roma population in Germany and Europe as well as their personal stories.

The aim of Pušija is to search for human micro cosmos where he lives and works, without prejudice but not without emotions.

As a part of the exhibition ‘Parno Gras’ exhibits of Rifet Bajramović from the collection of the Sarajevo City Museum will be exhibited.

Together with the exhibition, on Saturday, in Collegium Artisticum club, there will be a Romany poetic afternoon with Vojislav Vujanović and Hedina Tahirivić Sijerić which will be held on Saturday , 4 May.

The exhibition was supported by the Foundation for Music, Theatre and Art ofSarajevo, and Ministry of Civil Affairs of BIH.

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