Exhumation Process is underway in Travnik

An exhumation process is underway at the Mala Bukovica site in the Travnik municipality, and the remains of at least one person presumed to belong to a Croatian victim have been found so far.

The exhumation is carried out on the order of the acting prosecutor from the Special Department for War Crimes.

During the initial excavations, mines and explosives were found, so the exhumation process continued after the danger was removed and the location was previously demined, and the demining team also provided support.

There is also a forensic pathologist, representatives of the Institute for Missing Persons, as well as police officers of the Central Bosnia Canton Ministry of the Interior, who are securing the location.

The remains will be transported to the premises of the City Cemetery in Travnik, where the process of forensic medical processing and identification of the remains through DNA analysis will continue. Work on the exhumation will continue intensively tomorrow.

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