What is the most Expensive Car imported in BiH?

cars1In the first quarter of this year, in BiH was imported 14,665 cars, with a total value of 196.2 million BAM, on which was paid 43.2 million BAM of taxes.

The most expensive car that was imported in BiH in the first three months of this year is “Porsche Panamera Turbo”, whose price amounted to 242,252 BAM. An interesting fact stated by ITA BiH is that lovers of expensive cars love Porsche the most, since among the ten most expensive cars imported in BiH is seven Porsches.

In the top ten most expensive cars, except “Porsche Panamera Turbo”, there were three BMW Serie 7, five “Porsche Panameras” and one “Porsche Carrera” 911. Their total value amounts to 1,887,074 BAM.

During the last year, in comparison to 2015, there was a visible increase of imports of new cars, and the import of used ones was reduced. Thus, according to data of ITA BiH, in the year of 2015 was imported 5672, and last year 10,961 new cars.

“In the first three months of this year, a total of 12,024 used cars and 2,641 new ones were imported in BiH,” said Ratko Kovacevic, a spokesman for the ITA BiH.

In the year of 2015, a total of 65,121 cars were imported in BiH, and their total value amounted to 538 million BAM, on which was paid 94 million BAM of taxes.

Fans of cars last year spent nearly 200 million BAM more compared to the previous year, or 67,834 cars worth 759 million BAM were imported, and on them was paid 162 million BAM of taxes.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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