The Municipality in BiH where the Average Salary is 1142 BAM

moneyThe highest average salary of 1,142 BAM had people of Stanari, the youngest municipality in the RS, while the smallest average salary was recorded in Kupres – 404 BAM.

Republic Institute of Statistics of the RS released information on average salaries, in which was stated that the average salary in the RS amounted to 836 BAM last year and that it has increased by 18 BAM compared to 2012.

However, when it comes to 64 municipalities in the RS, citizens are earning less than the average in the majority of them.

The highest average salary of around 1,000 BAM, except in Stanari, was also recorded in Gacko – 1,010 BAM and in Ugljevik – 1,130 BAM.

A salary higher than the average last year earned citizens of Foca – 976 BAM and Banja Luka, whose average salary amounted to 962 BAM.

Besides the citizens of Kupres, who recorded monthly salaries slightly higher than the minimum, the lowest salaries were paid to citizens of Donji Zabar -567 BAM and Jezero – 559 BAM.

When we take into account the cost of living, we can conclude that the average citizen in the RS does not earn enough for living, regardless of his place of residence.

Data of the Confederation of Unions of the RS showed that, the four-member family needed 1,868 BAM for the basic living in December last year, which is more than two average salaries in the RS.

Most of the money was needed for food (689 BAM), and then housing and communal services (578 BAM).

(Source: fokus.ba)

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