Exports of Poultry Meat in the EU – Manufacturers ready, waiting for the Commission in Dublin

chicken meatBiH has met all conditions for the export of chicken in the EU – that sentence, which was recently said by the minister Mirko Sarovic, manufacturers claim to have heard many times.

Producers are not sure that the authorities of BiH had fulfilled all conditions from the legal side that were requested by the European Union. Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, Mirko Sarovic, claims otherwise.

“I think we’re ready, we fulfilled the action plan. We expect BiH in 2017 to be on the list of countries that can export chicken meat. We received confirmation by the call, i.e. the decision of the competent authority of the Commission in Dublin, which put BiH on the list for monitoring in 2017,” said Sarovic.

The Ministry of Agriculture says that the RS worked with producers worked for a long time in order to reach a level that is requested by the European Union. However, they recognized, the greatest burden fell on the bodies at the state level.

“A major step forward has been made in the work with farmers, especially in terms of raising their awareness of the responsibilities of fulfilling their obligations in the chain of production of safe food, both for the domestic market, but also for the EU market,” says Aleksandar Macanovic from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the RS.

The biggest objections that the Commission in Dublin had was an excessive number of reported objects, and the fact that not all of them achieved required conditions.

Now, as said from the Ministry of Foreign Trade, they fixed this, because they reported only a few producers. European inspectors should decide the fate of exports of chicken meat and eggs from BiH in mid-year.


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