Extraordinary Response of Children in Ski Resorts

focoAlthough the season of winter sports was questionable on our mountains due to the lack of snow, the snow fell on time, and a large number of citizens of Sarajevo, older and younger, are spending their free time currently on our Olympic Mountains.

Tarik Foco, professor of Sport and Physical Education is working seasonally as a ski instructor, and he said that this year’s response of children on skiing is the biggest that he remembers.

“The response is very large, even compared to the last season, which was the best since the Olympics, in my opinion. Although the conditions on trails are not ideal, a lot of children want to try this sport. Yesterday, trail on Bjelasnica was rocky and there was a lot of ice sheets, so the snow cannons were activated and created better conditions,” said Foco.

Foco emphasized that the most important task of him and other instructors is to teach the children to love skiing:

“There is no such thing that children would not do. If the child is little, we should take special care on him in order to prevent injuries for him and anyone else, because we have a lot of careless skiers who do not look where they are skiing, and that might happen too. The child will start loving skiing or any other sport through games, so the teacher should be at the level of a child and make him love the physical activity through the game, because then is much easier to work.”


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