Factory of Parquet Adhesives opened in Prijedor

95612c69-8a2f-46c6-963a-58e790d9d4d3Production in the newly opened factory of adhesives and primers for parquet, under the license of the Italian company “J. F. Amon” from Bolzano, commenced yesterday in Prijedor.

New production plant “Entering HIP” is the daughter company of “Knežević Entering” from Laktaši, whose director Marko Knežević says that the first filling of adhesives will begin on Monday, October 3.

“We will employ ten workers in the first investment stage that is worth 600.000 BAM and which will be implemented by the end of next month. Apart from production of adhesives, within the production area there will be a showroom of floor coverings, which are our primary activity,” said Knežević.

Knežević added that the project is implemented together with the Italian partner as the main supplier and the buyer for third markets.

Mayor of Prijedor Marko Pavić reminded of the fact that Prijedor is certified as the most favorable business environment.

“We are giving our best to enable all those who want to invest in Prijedor to invest, open plants and factories. This is a small factory, but for me it is not small because it hires ten workers from the start and that number will grow constantly,” Pavić said.


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