Fahrudin Radončić still in Hospital, Plea Hearing today

12825460_1123699447681010_1513971900_nPresident of the Alliance for Better Future (SBB) and the former minister of security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fahrudin Radončić has still not been returned to the detention unit of the Court of BiH, confirmed the Ministry of Justice of BiH in whose jurisdiction is the detention unit of the Court of BiH.

Radončić is still in the Clinical Center University of Sarajevo (KCUS) where he was taken yesterday due to heart problems. It is still not known when he might be returned to the detention unit.

The Court of BiH announced the plea hearing today. According to Radončić’s attorney Asim Crnalić, it is questionable whether the plea hearing will take place at all, given the health condition of the defendant.

Crnalić said that one possible scenario is that the Court of BiH postpones the hearing, since it is a type of hearing that can be rescheduled. Furthermore, he stated that he highly doubts that Radončić will be brought to the hearing and then returned to KCUS afterwards.

As a reminder, in the first week of March, the Court of BiH returned Radončić to detention unit due to violation of restrictive measures. The Court of BiH stated that the detention of the President of SBB might last until 2018.

Radončić is suspected of criminal offenses conspiracy to commit criminal offenses, obstruction of justice, and giving rewards or other kinds of benefits for trade of influence.

(Source: klix.ba)

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