Fair of Economy, Agriculture, Crafts and Consumer Goods to be held in December

skenderija01The 2nd Fair of economy, agriculture and crafts and 39th Consumer Goods Fair will be held from the 17th to 20th of December 2015 in Sarajevo, Skenderija Center. It is an exhibition-fair specialized for small and medium enterprises, the manufacturing-processing and service.

The exhibition program includes products and services from the following fields:

  • Agriculture (farming, livestock breeding and fishing),
  • Food industries (milling and bakery industry, industry for oil procession, industry for processing of fruits and vegetables, dairy industry, fish canning industry, meat industry and drinks industry),
  • Consumer goods (foodstuffs, cosmetics, household chemicals, small household appliances, computers, TVs, clothes and footwear),
  • Production of packaging,
  • Old crafts and home industries

Besides the exhibition program, this fair is an excellent opportunity to maintain the professional and accompanying events (round tables, seminars, congresses) with current topics in the mentioned areas, and the opportunity for meeting and mutual economic networking, trade, as well as a place for presentations of new development projects from the field of economy.

More information about the fair can be found on the link:


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