Famous Jack Nicholson purchased Tito’s Apartment in New York?

The famous “Tito’s apartment” in New York, at the prestigious address of Park Avenue, was sold for a total of 12.1 million USD, of which 1.3 million USD will belong to BiH.

It is an apartment that was used as a residence of the UN ambassador during the time of former Yugoslavia, and it was sold by the successor states of the former Yugoslavia.

Italian magazine Il Messaggero claims that famous actor Jack Nicholson purchased the apartment. According to this Italian magazine, Nicholson was visiting this apartment for a long time and he had a great wish to buy it, since its terrace offers a great view on the entire New York.

However, “Vecernji list” wrote that the apartment was purchased by Philippe Khuong-Huu, an investment banker of Viennese-French origin who is now residing in New York. His father is a scientist, and his uncle, among others, is the former Minister of Finances of South Vietnam and the president of the Vietnamese Development and Investment Bank, who escaped communism in the US.

Although the initial price amounted to 20 million USD, successor states (BiH, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia) agreed to the amount of 8 million USD less with the aim to speed up the sale process.

The apartment with five terraces that Yugoslavia purchased back in 1975 for only 75,000 USD has 216 square meters and 14 rooms, including six bedrooms. The apartment is largely damaged since the ceiling in many rooms is quite destroyed.

BiH received a total of 1.3 million USD, and Serbia received the largest amount, around 3.5 million USD.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)





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