Farewell to Hasiba Huremović, Leader of the Column of Mothers of Srebrenica

1000_148051706520161130_2_20433194_16525907Funeral of Hasiba Huremović, woman who became a symbol of suffering of the surviving mothers of Srebrenica whose husbands and children were killed during the genocide in 1995, was held in front of the Hajji Mosque in the Tuzla settlement Solina.

Carrying a frame with faded photographs, Hasiba led the column of citizens and members of the Association “Women of Srebrenica” for years. Under the motto “Justice to us, punishment to the criminals”, in memory of the genocide victims, they organize peaceful rallies in Tuzla on 11th day of every month.

Hasiba gave birth to ten children, four of whom were killed, and she passed away at the age of 63 – not living long enough to see her two children being identified.

“Hasiba suffered so many losses in her life, but until the last day she had the strength to fight for truth and justice. She dedicated her life to making sure that past is not forgotten and she demanded that the criminals are punished and killed victims found and buried. Like many other mothers of Srebrenica, she was just fading away, day after day, from stress, grief and pain,” said Nura Begović, vice-president of the Association “Women of Srebrenica”.

Hasiba was recognizable for walking slowly during the rallies, almost always holding the hand of her granddaughter Aida, who was named after Hasiba’s killed daughter. With her silence and photographs of her husband and children, she sent a silent cry and witnessed to the pain of the mothers of Podrinje, whose children were taken away, killed, and then buried and hidden in mass graves.

Hasiba’s daughter Aida and son Mehmedalija were killed in May 1992 and their remains were never found. Hasiba’s husband Fahrudin and sons Halid and Ševal were killed after the fall of Srebrenica, which was a UN-protected zone, while they were trying to reach the territory under control of the ARBiH. All three of them are buried in the Memorial Center Potočari.

Although she wanted to return to the settlement Sase in Srebrenica, she had nowhere to return because, in addition to destroying her family, the criminals also set their home on fire.

Hasiba will not lead the column on December 11. Her place will be taken by another woman, with similar story and loss. Although the mothers, wives and sisters from Srebrenica are dying, someone will remain to carry photographs and names of those killed in the Srebrenica genocide, as a warning…

(Source: faktor.ba)

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