Which are the favorite Brands of BiH Citizens?

1000_1475574582kupovina-supermarketConsumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina have chosen their favorites in this year’s BRANDscore research of the independent agency for market research Ipsos.

The choice of consumers from BiH proves that tradition is as important as the quality. Despite the availability of different brands, BiH consumers have chosen some brands known in the country for generations.

ABC cream cheese found itself on the eight place, thanks to the natural ingredients that both parents and children love, while Ledo frozen fish and sea fruit are on the tenth place, pointing to the increasingly high need of modern, working families for fast and healthy meals. Sarajevski kiseljak is also a continuing tradition. Jana is on the first place in the category of natural waters, while Sarajevski kiseljak is the first in the category of mineral waters.

ABC is taking the leading position in the category of dairy products. Production of ABC cheese from carefully elected milk has a thirty-year-long tradition. Ledo ice creams are the favorite treat, and a tradition that dates back to 1958. Ledo is also the favorite brand of frozen vegetables, with its carefully selected pieces of fresh, frozen vegetables. According to BiH consumers, Zvijezda is the primary brand in the category of ketchups, mayonnaises, olive oils and hard margarines, thanks to a century-old tradition.

Success of brands is also a result of investments in communication and bonding between brands and their loyal consumers. Great deal of attention is paid to education of consumers about benefits and ways to use products.


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