FBiH is missing 1,526 Regular Police Officers

The first initiatives and analyses show that the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is missing 1,526 regular police officers, including all cantons and the Federal Police Administration (FUP), and this will be a priority to be fulfilled.

After the adoption of the Draft Law in Republika Srpska, which will enable the reserve component of the police to be introduced, the Federation scheduled the session of the FBiH Parliamentary Security Commission.

Although much was expected from the session, the conclusions emphasized that the introduction of a reserve police force in the FBiH is not excluded, but it is certain that the priority is to fill in the missing regular seats planned by systematization.

Statistics show that most police officers are missing in Sarajevo Canton, 431, and a total of 235 police officers are missing from the FUP, in Herzegovina Neretva Canton 218, in Tuzla Canton 173, in Zenica Doboj Canton 174, in Una Sana Canton 98, in Posavina Canton 27, In Bosnia Podrinje Canton 41 police officers, in Central Bosnian Canton 36, and in Canton 10, 43 police officers, or a total of 1,526 police officers.

In Zenica, there is even an initiative to form a reserve police force, but the police administration in charge said that the priority would be to fill the regular assembly.

The Democratic Front believes that the Federation needs to more specifically regenerate and schedule an extraordinary session of the FBiH Parliament and work on the formation of a reserve police department to send a message to the RS and its activities, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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