Federal Bureau of Statistics show the Information on the State of the USC

12735583_1728024634100880_853405021_nAccording to the latest data of the Federal Bureau of Statistics, Una – Sana Canton currently has about 32,000 employed, and more than 46,000 unemployed people. Besides Tuzla Canton, which has 84,000 employed and even 97.000 unemployed people, USC is the only canton in the FB&H who has more unemployed than employed citizens.

The average salary in the USC Canton amounts to 808 BAM, which is for about 20 BAM lower than the average salary in the FB&H, which amounts to 826 BAM. However, it is not small amount if we take into account that the average salary, for example, in Central Bosnia Canton is only 671 BAM, or 714 BAM in Zenica – Doboj Canton. On the other hand, the average salary in the Herzegovina – Neretva Canton amounts to 902 BAM, while in Sarajevo Canton it amounts to 1,007 BAM.

However, higher or lower salaries are not the best indicator of development or underdevelopment of canton or local community, as the largest number of employees are in the public sector, or on the budget of cantons or municipalities.

3,250 citizens of USC are employed in public administration, 4,000 in the education sector, and about 2,400 people in the social-health care, which together makes around 10,000 employees in the public sector, who receive salaries from the budget of cantons or municipalities.

On the other side, almost 6,900 people are employed in retail and wholesale, where the average salary are not even near the previously mentioned amounts.

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