Federal Government allocates Six Million BAM to Airports

At today’s session, the Government of the Federation of BiH made decisions on the allocation of funds for four airports in the Federation of BiH for the purpose of financial assistance in the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the total amount of 6,000,000 BAM.

The decisions were made on the basis of the Decree on Intervening Measures to Assist Vulnerable Sectors of the Economy of the Federation of BiH in the Circumstances of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The aim of the financial assistance is to preserve jobs, provide liquidity support to the most vulnerable sectors and activities, complete ongoing airport modernization projects, and provide the necessary support and maintain competitiveness to overcome the extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Sarajevo International Airport has been allocated 3,500,000 BAM. Out of that, 200,000 BAM is intended for maintaining and improving liquidity and settling business costs, and 3,300,000 BAM for the implementation of the started capital project of modernization and upgrade of Terminal B.

Out of 1,000,000 BAM allocated to the Tuzla International Airport, 200,000 BAM is planned for the implementation of the started capital project of modernization and extension of Terminal B, external arrangement of the customs storage and purchase of land and forest after expropriation for the needs of project completion. The remaining 800,000 KM is intended to maintain liquidity and operating costs.

The Mostar International Airport has also been allocated 1,000,000 BAM, which will be spent on salary payments, including contributions and related taxes, operating costs, and payment of fees for professional supervision of airport operators and approval of projects by regulators.

The Decision was adopted that the Bihać Airport be allocated 500,000 BAM. These funds will be used for the implementation of the started capital infrastructure project (construction of the Bihać airport), i.e., for the continuation of land expropriation from the City of Bihać, stated the Public Relations Office of the FBiH Government.

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