Federal Government Officials spent One Million Euros on Fuel and 1.3 million Euros for Travel

While citizens raise loans to survive because the average wage covers only half of the consumer basket, the Federal government and officials alone spent nearly two million BAM on fuel last year, more than 2.3 million BAM for travel and nearly 630,000 BAM for cellphone calls.

New employment

This is only part of the cost pointed out by the auditors in a report on how to dispose of public money from the federal treasury last year, released several days ago.

It is interesting that, when it comes to the use of official telephones, the limit is set for directors of institutes, agencies and other institutions, as well as for the prime minister and secretary of the Government, but not for ministers and advisers.

However, even the established limits, which rise up to 150 marks, are unattainable to most ordinary citizens who, as is evident from the statistics, are less and less talking on the mobile phones.

Almost one million BAM was spent on salaries and compensation of employees financed from the federal budget last year, compared to 2017, as 74 new employees were hired.

Transfer problem

The Audit Office of the Institutions in Federation of BiH also drew attention to the long-standing problem of transfer allocation, this time in the amount of almost 262.7 million BAM, since a large number of ministries did not fully apply the criteria and some of them did not control the spending of allocated money.

Showed a minus, and were in the plus

Interestingly, at the end of last year, it was shown that the budget ended in the minus of 8.3 million BAM, and in fact, according to the auditor’s findings, it was plus at least 139.3 million BAM.

The reason is the misstatement of expenses. Namely, the 153 million marks intended for the construction of highways and have not actually been expended and are recognized as an expense.

At the same time, liabilities of 5.6 million BAM for family pensions left behind killed veterans and 8 million BAM of liabilities to farmers in the books were not recorded as expenses.

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