Federation of B&H received a Budget for the Next Year

Federation of B&H received a Budget for Next YearFederation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has received a budget for next year, as well as the Law on budget implementation.

The budget proposal has been approved today in session by the House of Peoples of the Federal Parliament in Sarajevo, 32 delegates voted for budget and 15 delegates voted against.

Due to the fact that members of the House of Representatives provided support to budget last week, the conditions were fulfilled for the Federation to enter into next fiscal year with a budget approved by the Parliament during the current year.

The budget was proposed by the Federal Government in the amount of 2,598,862,123 BAM, which is 10.7 percent more than this year’s budget and 65 million BAM more than when the act was drafted.

According to officials from the Federal Government, enlargement of budget is based on 65 million BAM expected from privatization – the sale of companies in which the Federation of B&H has a minority stake in the ownership structure.

Three million BAM has been planned for the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry for capital transfers to public enterprises to finance development projects in the Federation.


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