Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Entity privatized 1,088 Enterprises


The government of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina entity has approved the Work Plan on the Privatization Plan and the Financial Plan of the Federal Privatization Agency for 2020.

The Agency stated that on December 16thlast year, there were 1,450 companies in its register.

The small-scale privatization method has been used to privatize 278 companies, and the tender for large-scale privatization was used in the case of 356 companies.

The stock market method was used to privatize the remaining state capital in three companies. 747 companies have been wholly or partially privatized through a public offer of shares.

The privatization of 1,088 enterprises (74.8 percent) has been completed, and a total of 2,604 enterprises were sold under the conditions of small-scale privatization.

In terms of the value on the said day, the state capital allocated for privatization amounted to 13.5 billion BAM, privatized state capital and property amounted to 5.807 billion BAM, revenue in certificates amounted to 8.485 billion BAM, cash in the amount of 0.675 billion BAM, and not yet privatized capital amounts to 7.693 billion BAM.

So far, 43 percent of the total nominated capital for privatization has been privatized


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