Film ‘Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker’ is B&H Candidate for Oscar

OskarThe B&H Association of Filmmakers reached a decision that the film ‘Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker’ by Danis Tanović is this year’s B&H candidate for an Oscar.

The film was shown at the Berlin Film Festival in the main selection, and it won a Silver Bear for best film and Silver Bear for Best Actor Nazif Mujić.

After the film was shown at several festivals, it opened this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival.

This was the only film from B&H that met the conditions for the Academy. Under the rules of the this American Academy, producers of B&H feature films that were distributed from the period of 1 October 2012 to 1 October 2013 in B&H cinemas at least seven days in a row had the possibility to enter the competition.

(Source: Fena)

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