Film ‘Game of Justice’ in Meeting Point Cinema

gameofjusticeOn 15 April, citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see yet another film of the Week of Turkish film. This time it is the film called ‘Game of Justice’ which will be shown in Meeting Point Cinema at 8 p.m.

The film talks about Sezgin, who is a retired heavy criminal judge, attaching his life with daughter Belgin’s murder and the acquitting of the accused son-in-law Ilker, is lead to his loss of faith in justice and his profession. Distancing himself from the city where he lived, he moves to a coastal town. Even though the court has acquitted him Sezgin believes that his son-in-law killed his daughter. Wanting to achieve justice in his own way, Sezgin manages to kidnap his son-in-law Ilker and captures him in a cell; he built in the cellar of the villa. He decides for his son-in-law to stay there until he dies.

The entrance is free for all.

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