Svrzina House Attracts Tourists for its Architectural Style and Interior

1Svrzina house, a former private house in Sarajevo, is today an annex of the city museum and represents an authentic example of Bosnian architecture of the 18th and 19th century. The house was built by the reputable Sarajevan family Glođo, and later came under the ownership of the Glođo family through family ties.

It belongs to one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sarajevo due to its authentic and old Sarajevo architecture style and unique interior.

According to the museum of Sarajevo, due to the large interest of tourists who visit Sarajevo, the attraction of this peculiar Bosnian style of architectural building and design grows every year.

“Tourists show a great interest for our cultural-historical heritage, and especially for Svrzina house. Besides demonstrating the heritage of our city, it is also an ideal place for socializing. Visits are definitely higher during the summer than in the winter period, and in the last five months there were more than 1,000 visitors’’, in a statement from the museum.

On the premises of Svrzina house, specifically in the courtyards, traditional programs for the festival “Baščaršijske noći” take place sure, as well as for the Sarajevo Film Festival, concerts, poetry nights, Sevdah nights, etc.

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