The opening of the Aqua Park near Bijeljina in the Summer of 2016

aqua parkLast year, we started the construction on the thermal springs Water Town with indoor and outdoor pools, which is intended for fun and relaxation of citizens of Serbia and Republika Srpska. Our role model was our water park in Jagodina, who works as a highly profitable company. We will exceed it, because we have 14 different themed entertainment units in the open part only, which will be connected by paths,” said Slobodan Pavlovic.

Construction of 10 different thematic entertainment units and accompanying restaurants and places for rest is planned in the closed part of the amusement park. With a large pool, which will look like the sea coast, the total area of the complex is 37,950 m2. Pavlovic tower is planned to be constructed as well, which should be a symbol of the Slobomir city. It was designed as a skyscraper that will have business offices, conference halls, residential apartments, hotels, restaurants, and large telecommunication, radio and TV center at the top.

Water Town will be the largest entertainment and tourist park with a ZOO on the Balkans. It will also be energy garden with hot water flow underground. This investment is worth 17 million EUR. It will be built in 3 phases, through credits and funds of my company. Water Town will be opened 365 days a year. We will hire 350 people. If all goes according to plan, the opening ceremony will be in the summer of 2016,” concluded Slobodan Pavlovic.

(Source: ekapija.ba)

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