Fired policemen in Canton Sarajevo will return to their working positions

Twenty fired policemen, members of the Police Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo will have the opportunity to apply for their job positions by the end of this week. With this act, 170 policemen will be hired to different job positions in the Police Administration. These policemen were denied the right to work on these positions for the past ten years.

The Representative of policemen Haris Hrvo said on today’s press conference that it is official that all these fired policemen can apply to their working positions. Those who apply may work in administration as well as in other departments in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The police Commissioner Vahid Ćosić explained that with this act they will be able to put an end to the case of fired policemen, who spent ten years without jobs and certificates. “We will try with all our effort to enable all policemen to return to their jobs”- said Ćosić

Minister of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, Nermin Pećanac reminded the public how these policemen, after they applied to the Bureau for unemployed people could not receive any kind of contribution, because they were fired from their working positions under the assumption that they were guilty for their acts.

“That was the time when the international community had all the decisions. All members of the Support unit of the MUPKS received the verdict that they are not guilty and not responsible for the acts they were accused of”- added Pećanac He also underlined the fact that this is the right time and opportunity to bring back faith in the country and people, and to bring back hope that something can and will change in this country.


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