Pupils in the CS are only allowed to go on Excursions within B&H

Excursions Pupils novovrijeme.baWith Amendments to the Regulations on implementation of trips, study visits, excursions, outdoor schools and other educational-upbringing methods, the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton reached several important decision, the most interesting of which is the one stipulating that pupils in elementary schools in the Sarajevo Canton will be allowed to travel on excursions only within the territory of B&H from now on.

With the aim of preventing numerous wrongdoings when it comes to organization of school excursions, trips and outdoor schools, the Ministry of Education of the Sarajevo Canton made changes to the Regulations on implementation of these activities.

Thereby, based on the new Regulations the pupils of elementary schools in the Sarajevo Canton will only be allowed to travel to excursions within the territory of B&H, one of the aims is developing patriotism with children, increasing safety and preventing wrongdoings which existed in this segment.

Another important article in the new Regulations is the one stating that, from now on, parents will pay money for excursions directly to the account of the agency, without any kind of mediation.

The Regulations also stipulate that outdoor schools can only be organized within the territory of the Sarajevo Canton, instead of the former practice which included the territory of entire B&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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