First Phase of Improving Water Quality at Lake Modrac

14In the next period two important projects to protect Modrac lake will be realized. The first is “Improving Water Quality at Lake Modrac through Ecoremediation”, and the goals of the project were presented at the meeting between representatives of the UN Program for Industrial Development, Slovenian firm “Limnos” and Tuzla Canton government that will jointly implement the project, according the RTV of Tuzla Canton.

“The government of Slovenia is ready to allocated 300.000 euros for the realization of the entire project. The project will last two years and we expect that it will start in July’’, said Jasna Hifziefendić, the main consultant for Tuzla Canton for International Cooperation and Development Programs.

“The most important thing we want to do is identify exact sources of pollution, to give an overview of solutions and to start to clean vulnerable areas at lake Modrac. We are here because we wish to help. We see that there is huge potential, because the accumulation is important for water resources for Tuzla and the entire region’’, said Kristijan Susa, the Manager for Industrial Production of UNIDO.

The project envisages the use of ecoremediation as a methodology that results from natural systems that are cheap, long-lasting and multi-purpose, and that is the first phase of the project to protect Lake Modrac. The government is in talks to obtain new resources that would be used for the same goal.

The improvement of the quality of water at lake Modrac is the first joint project of the government of Tuzla and the UN program for Industrial Development. The goal is to expand cooperation to other projects, such as energy efficiency in industry and protection of water from industrial pollution.

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