First Winter Olympic Academy Sarajevo 2013 starts today

Project of the Olympic Committee of BiH (OKBiH) and the U.S. Embassy in BiH – ”First Winter Olympic Academy Sarajevo 2013” will start with skiing on the Olympic mountain Bjelašnica.

The aim of the project is to connect the young people from different towns of BiH, through various sports activities and education programmes about the spirit of Olympic Games. This project is a very significant step towards the strengthening the capacities for the development of new approaches, activities and strategies that will promote respect, friendship, tolerance, excellence, fair-play and solidarity through sports among the young of BiH.

Forty high school students both sexes, different ethnic and religious affiliation  will participate in the activites of the Academy : programmes of skiing and skating, lectures about the spirit and value of the Olympic spirit, interactive workshops that will strenghten the team spirt, as well as chats with renowned sports workers and champions.

High school students will on Wednesday, 23 January have the opportunity to talk with famous BiH sportsmen and sportswomen Larisa Cerić, Marko Rudić, Nenad Marković, Ivan Hmjelovjec and Bulend Biščević.

Tomorrow, football strategist Haris Jaganjac (History of Olympic Games) and general secretary of Olympic Committee of BiH Said Fazlagić (EYOWF 2017) will give lectures, and the U.S. Ambassador Patrick Moon on Tuesday, 22 January will give a lecture on topic ‘Interethnicity’, while on Wednesday, 24 January, there will be a lecture by vice-president of the Olympic Committee BiH Marijana Kvesić (Unification of sport in BiH) and president of the Committee (Sports system in BiH).

Project ‘Young ambassador’ will be presented on Friday, 25 January by speed-skater Edin Branković, and on the same day Edin Numankadić will hold a lecture on ‘Olympic museum of BiH’

Students who participate in the work of the Academy were selected on the basis of their grades, and they will be given the opportunity to promote the values of Olympic Games in their local communities

As a part of the programme, participants will skii on Bjelašnica (21,22,23 January), skate in Zetra (24 January) and will have a tour of Baščaršija and Ferhadija (25 January)

This is the first project of this kind, and it is financed by the Embassy of the USA in BiH.

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