FIS invests 5 Million BAM in Production of solid Wood

fisIn a year which marks 10 years of existence and work of the company Factory Ambyenta, FIS Vitez announced the opening of 12,500 additional square meters of modern production plants for production of furniture of solid wood, which will create 200 new jobs.

“With the investment worth five million BAM we will increase production capacities, significantly increase the production cycle and, what is the most important, create new jobs”, said Zoran Maros, the Director of Administration of the company FIS Ltd., adding that the company FIS strategically continues its development in all areas.

“Hence, in the next two years we will invest nearly 36 million BAM in strengthening the market position. I believe that the country will recognize FIS as one of the partners and holders of the development of BH economy, and provide us with necessary support in their domain. On this occasion, I urge the buyers as well, since the BH producers need their trust. Only by buying domestic products the ambience for the development of our economy can be created, as well as the creation of new jobs and increase in the standard of living of the society in general”, Maros pointed out.

According to the plans, the construction works on the production hall are in final stage, and the installation of equipment and launching of production in the new plants of Ambyenta are announced for the beginning of 2016.

By building this factory plant for the production of furniture and products of solid wood, FIS will create 200 new jobs.


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