Five-year-old Almira needs Help of Good People!

Almira Patkovic

Almira Patkovic from Vitez was born in 2012 and she spent more time in the hospital than home. Her diagnosis is acute megacolon or lack of the colon.

Almira had a surgery with which was created artificial stoma which saved her, but the surgery was not successful and it caused further complications and the girl needed to be urgently admitted in Belgrade, where the stoma was removed and she was sent to Zagreb for treatment. Since then, she had three operations which resulted in a colostomy.

Because of all sepsis that she had, including MRSA, streptococcal and other infections that damaged her intestines, she must eat food intended for people with celiac disease for at least another year and a half. The food that she uses is called Neocate LCP. The box of this food costs 100 BAM and it is sufficient for three days. Besides this, she can only eat boiled vegetables and fruit, she must not eat food that contains gluten, milk or white flour. Flour that she can eat is called Sebread Mix, and one kilogram costs 11 BAM. For immunity, she must drink ChildLlife Multi Vitamins syrup that cost 50 BAM and can be ordered from Croatia and USA. Little Almira needs all of this to survive and be ready for her next surgery, which is scheduled for the next year.

Her parents are unemployed and living in difficult conditions. They have two sons who are suffering from asthma because they live in a house full of moist. Until recently, they had no bathroom, but with the help of organizations Pomozi.ba, this problem was solved.

We invite all people of good will to help little Almira, so she doesn’t experience the same fate of her two sisters who died due to similar health problems. Her parents are not able to finance all the expenses.

For more information on how to help little Almira, you can contact her mother at the number 062 124 201.

You can make the payment in BiH on the account number 1607 02701 000 5278, Vakufska Bank, on the name Almira Patkovic.

For payments from abroad:

IBAN: BA3916 0702 711 000 4809

Vakufska Banka, DD Sarajevo

Name: Almira Patković,

Address: 325. B.Brigade, Vitez, BiH

(Source: klix.ba)

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