Flag of Israel illuminated at Republika Srpska Palace in Banja Luka

“The Republika Srpska Palace was in the colors of Israel last night, as a sign of support for Israel and their efforts to establish peace in the Middle East,” RS President Zeljka Cvijanovic’s office said, N1 reports.

Earlier, the chairman of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, also gave his support to Israel.

He pointed out that Hamas, which has been declared a terrorist organization on a global level, is proving to be the cause of the conflict in Gaza and that region.

”The fact is that some are constantly inciting the Palestinians there to get everything, instead of accepting that two states are being formed for the two peoples there and that this will be the dominant agreement of the Jews, the Israelis and the Palestinians themselves.

“For some reason, many are escalating the conflict and saying that it should be a mixed or multiethnic country,” Dodik told reporters in Banja Luka.

Dodik emphasized that wherever there is a touch of different civilizations, in terms of faith and religion, it is always a place of friction, and it is only a question of when a spark will ignite, which will become a torch.

“Our thoughts and our support are with the Jewish people, and all our wishes are dedicated to peace building,” it was written on the official SNSD Twitter page along with photos of the building.

The same message was sent from the walls of the old town of Trebinje, which were also illuminated in the colors of the Israeli flag, Bljesak.info writes.

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