Flamenco show in Sarajevo

As a part of festival ‘Sarajevo Winter 2013’, the audience of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see a spectacular flamenco show ‘Café Cantante’ which will be played on 14 March at 8 p.m. in Bosnian Cultural Centre in interpretation of Pedero Fernandez and La Sali.

These fantastic artists have decided to come to Sarajevo on the initiative of Daniela Kneževic, a ballet dancer of National Theatre of Sarajevo, who had the chance to cooperate with them.

Organisers of ‘Sarajevo Winter’ and Embassy of Spain supported the coming of Pedero Fernandez and La Sali.

Apart from the show, there will be a dance workshop which will last two days on 14 and 15 March in Bosnian Cultural Centre, and the workshop will be led by Pedro Fernandez.

Play ‘Café Cantante’ was inspired by the poem of Federico García Lorca and by the life of famous flamenco dancer Dolores La Parrala and it revives a long gone, but contemporary flamenco, taking the viewer in the times when it was performed in special places called cafés-cantantes.

On the dark stage of café seguiriya and soleá move, talking about love and solitude, pain and transience of life, while in the green mirrors centuries of flamenco are being reflected.

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