Serbian Orthodox Church in Ravno is the New National Monument in BiH

churchCommission to Preserve National Monuments in BiH, at their session, made a decision of proclaiming the historic building of the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Trinity in Ravno as a national monument.

Moreover, they made decisions that mosque Rotimlja (the municipality of Stolac), mosque Borojevici (the municipality of Stolac) and Cemetery of the family Ibrahimpasic with site and remains of Deli Muratbey’s turbe in Bjelaj (the municipality of Bosanski Petrovac), have not met the criteria for being national monuments of BiH.

They also made a decision on extending protection regime for two goods for which the deadline of one year from the date of submission has expired (goods that are on the list of petitions – goods for which a final decision was not made yet).

They also considered the request of the Municipality Ilidza on changing the decision (removing cadastral parcels on which archaeological investigations were conducted) for the Archaeological Area – Butmir. The Commission established that the submitted report on the archaeological previous works of research character – the Plan of preventive research of archaeological potential on the archaeological site Butmir meets the conditions noted in Commission’s decision on proclaiming archaeological site – a prehistoric settlement in Butmir, the municipality of Ilidza, as a national monument of BiH.

The Commission believes that the aforementioned plan offered concrete results in order to prove the existence of a Neolithic settlement at Butmir, due to which the Commission suggested a research conducted using the same method for the rest of the protection zones, in order to comprehend the overall situation of the location and define the protection zone.

After implemented research of archaeological potential on the complete area of the National Monument and the submitted report, the Commission will approach amending the Decision and the process of defining of complete protected zone. After the implementation of amendments to the Decision, they will access the systematic archaeological research of the site and design of the archaeological park.

The Commission was consisted of: Chairman Goran Milojevic and members Amir Pasic and Radoje Vidovic, as announced by the Commission to Preserve National Monuments in BiH.


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