How much Money the State of BiH takes from the Sale of Cigarettes?

The state of BiH collected more than 6.4 billion BAM since the year of 2009 only on the basis of excise duties on tobacco, according to economic analyst Faruk Hadzic.

How much money the state actually takes on tobacco through excises can be really seen in the example of one box of cigarettes.

According to this example, on the price of one box of cigarettes “Diva Slima”, which costs 4.30 BAM, the state takes 3.40 BAM (79 %) through the following:



– VAT – 0.63 BAM

– TOTAL – 3.40 BAM

“Why is it a problem for this authority to allocate at least 5 % of these funds into the Solidarity Funds, in order to directly help their citizens in the treatment of serious illnesses and not force them to raise additional money for help,” noted Hadzic.

“When they tell us that there is no money next time, just remember that they collected so much money from tobacco excises that we could build a total of 128 completely new hospitals.”

(Source: fokus.ba)

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