Days of Music, Art and Great Fun started in Gorazde

With displaying of the flag and the sound of the anthem of the festival of friendship and spectacular fireworks, the 21st International Festival of Friendship was opened on the platform of the City Hall in Gorazde. Several thousand people attended the opening ceremony.

The Mayor of Gorazde and the Mayor of German city of Mettmann, Muhamed Ramovic and Tomas Dinkelman, opened the festival. They sent messages of love, peace and friendship.

“Gorazde is the most beautiful city in the world at the moment, and our festival is like a mini-world. We are happy for everyone who come to the coast of Drina River and take part in a beautiful story that we have been creating for years and which nourishes universal human values: love, peace and friendship,” stated Mayor Muhamed Ramovic.

On this occasion, numerous guests from BiH, France, Great Britain, Germany, Turkey and other countries that are traditionally participating in the festival program came to the city on Drina River. One of the attendees is the director of the French Institute and Advisor for Culture of the Embassy of France to BiH.

Within the Festival of Friendship was screened a documentary movie “The Great Book of Friendship”, which talks about 20-years long tradition of this event that put Gorazde and its residents on the cultural map of Europe and the world.

“The film is an important document and a powerful illustration of a great value of this festival in Gorazde, which is organized despite all the problems and turbulences,” said Sanid Zirak, the Vice-President of the Organizing Committee of the Festival.

Residents of Gorazde welcomed the guests of this festival in the traditional “Bosnian garden”, with traditional Bosnian cuisine and sevdalinka song, in the ambience decorated with handicrafts and objects that were used in our country for centuries. This special corner of the festival was prepared by members of the Ensemble of National Games and Songs.

(Source: E. A./Klix.ba)







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