Floods in FBiH Damaged 65 Schools and Kindergartens, Eight Million BAM Needed for Reconstruction

floods in bosniaFloods and landslides have caused great damage to buildings and educational institutions and some have been destroyed. The estimated damage recorded in these facilities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is around 8 million BAM, with 65 damaged educational facilities while 9 were completely destroyed or threatened by landslides.


FBiH Ministry of Education and Science since 18 May has continuously monitored the situation and collected information from the cantonal ministries of education relating to the condition of educational institutions in areas affected by the floods.

Accordingly, the FBiH Ministry of Education and Science has developed a revised program of work for 2014 which, among other things, contains a full program of the Ministry entitled “Improving the working conditions of educational institutions” amended or replaced by a program titled “Recovery of damages to educational institutions that have occurred in natural disasters. ”


Funding for the new program has been increased in relation to the funds that were planned for the program “Improving the working conditions of educational institutions.”


(Source: Fena)

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