Football Fans Celebration on the Streets of B&H Cities

slavljeThousands of B&H football team fans went out last night and this morning on the streets of Sarajevo, where they celebrated the victory over Lithuania and the historical qualification of B&H to the World Cup in Brazil.

The ceremony was organized at the square in front of the BBI Center where a large number of Sarajevo citizens gathered and watched the game on the big screen followed. After the victory of B&H, thousands of people were on the streets of Sarajevo, from BBI center to Baščaršija.

The fans celebrated the victory of the national team in other B&H cities as well. In Zenica at the stadium Bilino Polje a direct broadcast of the match was organized, and a huge celebration followed on the streets of the city.

For the first time in Brčko, at the Youth Square the match of B&H football team was publicly broadcast. In Tuzla, the match was screened at the large new parking lot near the Panonian lakes, while the public watch of the match in Mostar was organized at the students hotel.

(Source: Fena)

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  1. Congrats B&H great news
    An England fan in peace.

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