Football Federation’s Technical Staff met in Sarajevo


The head coach of the “A” national team, Dušan Bajević, held a video meeting with his associates today. The work of the technical staff in specific conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was discussed at the meeting.

Among other things, they discussed the wider list of potential candidates for the “A” national team, as well as the performances of those players in clubs and leagues that continued their competitions.

Information was exchanged on the current situation in all leagues in which our national team players play, standard and potential, with special reference to their physical preparation.

“We are doing everything in our power to prepare for those two play-off matches”, says head coach Bajević, and continues: “We do not allow this situation with the coronavirus to put us to sleep, but my associates and I analyze what is best for the national team and what concrete steps we need to take to be even firmer and stronger.”

The head coach points out that everyone is focused on only one goal, and that is the qualification for the EURO:

“We know what our goal is and we are seriously committed to achieving it. We are doing our job, for now in this way, but here the borders are slowly opening, which means that the opportunity for travel is also opening. Then we will be able to check all the players who aspire to be in the circle of candidates for the national team. We want to make an even better, stronger and tougher national team and we are determined to make a result that will take us to the European Championship.”

In the end, Bajević added that his associates had the task of following everything related to the opposing players in the play-offs, as well as in the Nations League.

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