For Centuries, April Fool’s Day has been marked on this Day

For centuries, April Fool’s Day has been marked on this day.

There is no reliable evidence on the origins of 1 April, but there are indications that I has roots in ancient history. Some think that it comes from Ancient Greece or Rome, and others believe that it is from Medieval France, when the French king Karlo IX introduced in 1564 a new calendar year, in which the beginning of the New Year was transferred from 1 April to 1 January.

Since in those days the news traveled slowly, many continued to celebrate the New Year based on the old calendar-1 April, and those who knew about the change began to mock those who did not know and joked on their account, and called them the ‘April Fools’.

Even though the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina has witnessed heavy protests, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are always ready for a joke. This is shown at the protests, the various descriptions, banners, and songs, exemplified through ‘black humor’.

It is important for people to laugh, because according to psychologists and sociologists: If you do not see smiling people then you should be worried because it is a sign that we are not in good mental health.

The media is always in the mood for a good joke. Adhering to the traditions of many media houses, companies and web portals, they publish various April Fool’s jokes-the the funny to the absurd.

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