Former Police Officers sentenced to 40 Years in Prison for stealing over 300,000 Euros

Three of former police officers and a civilian, who were accused of being accomplices, were sentenced to a total of 40 years of imprisonment for robbery  at the Banja Luka-Gradiska motorway, during which some 617,000 BAM was stolen.

Oleg Banda (35) was sentenced to eight and a half years, and former member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladan Malic (37) for 10.5 years, as well as his colleagues Goran Paras (31) and Aleksandar Popovic (33).

Former police officers and Banda were tried in the Banja Luka District Court for the third time. In the first trial, Malic, Popovic and Paras were sentenced to 11 years and the Banda sentenced to nine, but the Supreme Court of the Republika Srpska abolished that judgment.

In a renewed trial, four of the accused were sentenced by less than half a year to a lighter sentence.

The raid and arrest was carried out in September 2015, in the middle of the day when attackers fired from firearms on the vehicles which transported money from Unikredit bank to Croatia’s capital, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

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