Forto: The Price of Gas has risen by 37 percent, the FBiH Government has assured us that it will become cheaper

Edin Forto, the Prime Minister of the Canton Sarajevo (CS), spoke about the increase in gas prices and said that the Federal Government “rewarded” CS with that. He said that the intention is that his government tries to subsidize half of the 37 percent of the overall increase.

“The government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) rewarded us as early as the beginning of November, even though they wanted to assure us in the spring that they would reduce costs by 25 percent after they switched suppliers, but now there is an increase in the price,” mentioned Forto, noting that the increase in gas price is a total of 37 percent for CS, which consumes 80 percent of all gas in BiH.

We have not received a clear calculation of how they come to the final price, he added and said that maybe this is a realistic price, but that he is not sure. He pointed out that he expects the CS government to subsidize part of this price increase, as 37 percent is too much of a blow.

“For us, this is not only an economic issue but also an environmental issue. We will do our best to make at least half of this increase a subsidy, and we will have to pass part of it as a price increase to Toplane since Sarajevogas is a distributor in CS who will have to make corrections of heating prices for heating plants, while citizens who heat directly on gas can also expect a certain increase, “ noted Forto.



Source: Klix.ba

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