Foundation Stone set for the Alija Izetbegović School in Pakistan

12746532_1111258835591738_1647825606_nDoyen of the diplomatic core of EU countries in Pakistan, the Romanian Ambassador Emilian Ion, together with the Ambassador of BiH Nedim Makarević and the Turkish Ambassador Babur Girgin, set the cornerstone for the International Pakistani-Bosnian School “Alija Izetbegović” yesterday in the Palestinian region of Dheri-Khyra.

As the Ambassador Makarević said, the ceremony was attended by representatives of fifteen embassies, several international organizations, representatives of the Pakistani government, police, military and non-governmental organizations.

Project leader Modaseer Shah opened the ceremony as a moderator, speaking about the conceptual project of the Ambassador Makarević and reporting on all previous conducted work related to the construction and everything that is yet to come.

Ambassador Makarević thanked Pakistan for everything that country did for BiH and highlighted that Pakistan, although it is a country with modern plants, elite army with atomic weapons, still has a huge problem with illiteracy.

“BiH, as a country with minimum, almost negligible percentage of illiteracy and free schooling, can help Pakistan where they need help the most – education, especially in rural areas. Namely, more than 5.5 million children are illiterate, according to UNICEF estimations, and it is our duty to help those children,” Makarević said.

Dheri is a region with a large number of children. It is also a very poor region and that is why one such school is highly needed.

Construction works are already in progress so the opening of the school is expected in April.

(Source: klix.ba)

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