Zvizdić speaks about the Agreements on the Meeting in London

12782357_1111263035591318_432151120_nOn the margins of the Investment Summit of EBRD in London, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, together with the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Šarović, held a bilateral meeting with the prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia, Tihomir Orešković.

Prime Minister Orešković congratulated the Chairman Zvizdić and the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the submission of application for membership in the EU and said that Coratia will strongly support BiH on that path.

Chairman Zvizdić and Prime Minister Orešković agreed that good neighborly and regional cooperation is important and that in the coming period it is necessary to strengthen bilateral relations and develop economic cooperation of the two countries and the countries of the region.

Chairman Zvizdić said that the Council of Ministers decided to significantly accelerate integration into the EU and informed Prime Minister Orešković about the current political and economic situation in BiH and the implementation of the Reform Agenda.

Zvizdić said that infrastructure projects, such as the Corridor 5C, the Adriatic-Ionian highway and the Adriatic-Ionian pipeline, are extremely important for BiH. Zvizdić also expressed concern with the nuclear waste dump near the border with BiH and hope that this problem will be solved soon. Zvizdić and Orešković also discussed possibilities of cross-border cooperation, European partnership, transportation, energetics, exchange of agricultural goods and food, and concluded that there is space for even better cooperation.

Zvizdić and Orešković agreed on the organization of a Joint Session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Council of Ministers of BiH in the coming period.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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