Four Charity Projects to receive Funds raised at the Diplomatic Bazaar

12713889_1728392290730781_2009024249_nThe Organizing Committee of the Diplomatic Winter Bazaar 2015 will be awarding raised funds to charity projects in B&H, on Monday in Sarajevo.

Committee composed of Nora Schiller (Sweden), Mariette Kraak (Netherlands) and Caroline Ferguson (UK) will present four recipients of funds that were raised on their behalf in the bazaar that was held in December 2015, for four charity projects.

These are projects of Christine Witcutt Centre in Sarajevo for children with special needs, Franciscan International Student Center for help for young people with disabilities, Vara Barn (Our children) in Mostar for support of the education of children without parental care and Downsy and We in Banja Luka for help for children with Down syndrome.

Diplomatic Winter Bazaar is the biggest diplomatic event in Sarajevo. It is popular and gladly visited by local guests, and representatives of the international community as well. The main goal of the bazaar is not only to raise funds for funding of the projects through which it provides assistance to people with disabilities, special needs or children without parental care, but also to raise awareness of these disadvantaged groups of people.

Organizers stated that last year’s bazaar was the most successful by the number of visitors, but also by the amount of collected funds.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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