Corridor 5C Odzak will represent B&H Gate for Entry of Tourists

12736335_1728503107386366_1520076533_nMunicipality of Odzak was one of the biggest construction sites in B&H last year. Thanks to Corridor 5C, Odzak will represent the north gate of B&H which will give more importance to this small community.

Mayor of Odzak Hajrudin Hadzidedic said that the construction of the bridge is currently taking place, and that 11 kilometers of Corridor 5C and some bypass were constructed in the last year.

“All this that has been constructed so far is especially important for us if we take into consideration the value of so far implemented projects. Last year we were one of the biggest construction sites in B&H, and we were the municipalities that had the best cross-border project in 2014. Turkey financed our storm drain, the World Bank provided some resources for the road infrastructure, and this year we are planning construction of water supply and irrigation of important areas. Our agriculture had big problems after the floods of 2014 due to drought where we suffered the damage of 3 million BAM, but we will solve that for the future,” said Hadzidedic.

Hadzidedic emphasized that their business operations were without a deficit in the last 3 years and that they are currently implementing big plans for the future, which will be presented on the Day of the Municipality Odzak, which is celebrated on the 8th of February.

Authorities have done everything to attract domestic and foreign investors in Odzak and they are hoping that the economy in this municipality will start moving in another direction. They believe that it will create jobs in the future that will awaken the desire for patriotism and commitment to the domestic market in young people, without a wish to leave B&H as soon as possible.

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