Model from Visoko working in New Delhi (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Twenty one year-old Ermin Hasecic from Visoko is a successful model who made his first steps on the catwalk in Visoko, and now he is working in New Delhi.

Hasecic is an example that only a great will and determination are required to achieve something, who had his first fashion show at the age of five. He spent a lot of time in the tailor shop of his mother, and she was the one who focused him in that direction, and woke up his love for fashion.

He made more serious steps in Visoko when the agency of famous Bosnian model Dzejla Glavovic came to his city. He had the first serious engagements and fashion shows for companies in B&H. However, as time was passing, he wanted to progress.

“Six months ago, I received a serious offer from Indian agency Posh talent and I live and work in New Delhi for a month now. This business is much more valued beyond the borders of B&H and a lot is invested in fashion and marketing,” added Hasecic who got used to sudden phone calls at any time of day or night for the purpose of casting very quickly.

“The biggest sacrifice is the faculty, since most of the time I’m out there and I do not get to finish my studies on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo. When I am in B&H I attend my lectures, but I also find some time for my friends,” said Hasecic, adding that it takes a lot of sacrifice in order to manage to achieve the goals.

Hasecic sees himself in the future as a successful Bosnian models, who will achieve his long term goals with the serious approach and with the help of manager of Dzejla Glavovic and Marko Lovric.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)


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