Story about the Presidential Pavement reached the BBC!

161121039-3_mnBritish media company BBC published a text about the unusual media attraction drawn by the official opening of the sidewalk in front of the building of the Presidency of BiH.

“The Presidency of BiH invited the journalists to arrive at 11:45 am due to safety checks before the opening of the sidewalk. They were told that four government officials will tour the sidewalk. This led to comic reports of the media, who called the sidewalk opening ‘event of the year’, and some of them even had Facebook stream for all those who are ‘unable to attend’,” the BBC wrote.

BBC also reported that the only official to appear was the mayor of Centar Municipality Nedžad Ajnadžić, who tried to justify the ceremony by highlighting that this sidewalk will facilitate the movement of disabled persons.

BBC also reflected on the comments of BiH citizens published on Twitter.

“I would like to meet the PR who thought that it would be a good idea to invite journalists to the sidewalk opening”, “Long live the presidential sidewalk”, “This is a walk of shame”, are only some of the comments on Twitter.

The British media also added that jokes are not stopping, as well as that one dancing couple demonstrated their dancing skills on the sidewalk.

You can read the complete article here.

(Source: sarajevotimes.com)

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