Four Months Later, No Official Results of Trains Collision Investigation

Four and a half months have passed since the railway accident near the city of Jablanica, where three people lost their lives, and the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is still waiting for the official results of the investigation.

Even though the Klix.ba news portal sent the inquiries to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and the Public Enterprise Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they are ignored.

The day after the accident occurred, Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina gave a promise that they will inform the public after the end of the investigation into this tragic accident.  This has not happened yet, and the internal investigation conducted by the company is over.

BiH’s Prosecutor’s Office should give the green light for the official investigation, and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton should complete the investigation within six months.

To recall, three persons died in a collision of two trains Wednesday night in Donja Jablanica, a city located 85 km southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital Sarajevo, local police told media.

The frontal collision of two wagon trains occurred in front of the Jablanica Railway station, sometime after the midnight, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (MUP HNK) confirmed to local media.

The accident happened when one full train and one empty one coming from the opposite direction supposed to pass by, but collided. From the force of strike, the locomotives and wagons were thrown several meters away from the track.


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